Ekphrasis, etc.

Images to go with a few of my poems:

The postcard from “Elegy for Oneida Creek” (published in The Yale Review Online, Poem of the Week, November 2021)

Some of the photos from “In Lockdown, Looking Through Found Photographs (published in DIAGRAM, June 2021)

The found photo, with some altered details, from “Three Children Covered Half by a Thumb” (published in Narrative, May 2021)

Counterclockwise from top left, details from paintings by Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Leopold Schmutzler, Franz von Lenbach, and Ludwig Knaus, viewed at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and mentioned in the poem “Museum” (published in Narrative, Winter 2021)

The spoon and friend from “Summer Letter” (published in Arcturus, April 2021)